Stand Out from the Crowd.

It may be tempting to apply directly to a company that is also using a professional recruiter. Maybe you think, “I have a better shot at getting hired if I can save the hiring firm the recruiting fee.”

There are several reasons to work with a professional, trusted recruiting company –

  1. Advocacy. We are your advocate. Your recruiter will learn all they can about your background and what a perfect next career move looks like, and then pursue the right match for you from their library of openings. We understand the hiring manager’s key hot buttons and the culture of the company. This helps ensure a great fit. And when it gets to crunch time in negotiating an offer, we are still there helping see the process to the end.
  2. Speed. We can guide you through the delicate points of the interview process quickly, and we work hard to keep the process moving along at speed. We’ve all been through job interview marathons where there is no end in sight. Think about the mindset of a hiring company using a recruiter: they want the job filled quickly and correctly, and they are willing to pay for a winner. This shows you that all parties are properly motivated. No posting of fake jobs and collecting resumes.
  3. Inside track. A recruiting company has a window into a firm, especially if they have made multiple placements over time. As an added benefit, a company that offers recruiting services to an organization and is also engaged in a consulting capacity (say, as VP Sales consultant) will have a real say in who gets hired onto the sales team. Such an insider relationship allows a recruiter to find the right hire and get them trained and onboarded in a welcoming, trusted environment. As you work with a recruiter, ask yourself: are they flipping resumes over the fence and hoping mine will stick? Or do they have a deeper relationship with the company?

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