Your Guide For Giving Skype and FaceTime Interviews

Face-to-face online screenings are now possible with Skype and FaceTime. So before you sit down with a candidate, assess them outside the office.

More and more candidates have access to an iPhone and Skype, making it easier to conduct interviews. This is why it should be one of your tools in your interview process. Instead of replacing it with an in-person interview, let it be a preface. It’s far more telling than a phone call and gives you plenty of information about the candidate. For example: Is their room organized? Do they look professional despite that they’re not in an office? Do they communicate well face-to-face? How comfortable are they with technology?

Performing online screenings is a strategy that saves time and is convenient for both parties. It lets you weed out candidates and decide who you want to meet in your office. Remember: this is a supplement to an in-person interview, not a replacement.