“Tell Me About Your Last Role”

When you’re seeking a new sales opportunity, you can expect nearly every interviewer you encounter to offer up some form of, “Tell me about your last role (or last few roles).” Here’s how to turn that opening into your moment to shine: 

This is not the place for general platitudes about how well you got along with everyone, how you always showed up on time or how much the commute to the office wore you out. Recruiters and hiring managers want the meaty details that demonstrate your history – and your future with them – of producing revenue.


Be ready with details like these:

  • What territory you covered
  • What types of clients you dealt with
  • Mix of prospecting (hunting) vs. account management (farming)
  • Quotas and how often you met or exceeded them
  • Rankings: where did you stand among your sales peers?
  • Results: what did your efforts mean to the top line?
  • Awards
  • Growth from X to Y, and in what time frame
  • How you cracked a new territory, or turned around an existing one

A word of caution: Yes, details are vital here, but not to the point where your interviewer’s eyes glaze over. Be prepared with about a 2-minute summary for each position you’ve held, choosing the highlights from the list above.  After all, you’re being evaluated for your sales skills. Demonstrate your ability to deliver a detailed and concise pitch for the product of You.