Squeezed for Talent? Squeeze Your Time Frame

Good news: the economy has improved and jobless rates are down. Bad news: the pool of available top talent is smaller and great candidates are snapped up quickly (more detail in this article from Entrepreneur).

So what can you as a hiring manager do to find and sign the best hires?

One solution: compress time. Give your interview and hiring process a good, hard squeeze and get all the waste out of it. The era of a 45-day process is over … your top candidate has been hired by someone else by then.

Instead of four interviews spread out over a month, take a look at a more streamlined routine like this:

Monday: A brief phone screen to confirm you like what your recruiting firm has found (10-15 minutes)

Wednesday: An in-person interview with 1 to 3 of the involved front-line managers. Follow up with a tour of your facilities for a promising candidate, and maybe even lunch (2-3 hours)

Thursday: An online skills and aptitude assessment is completed by the candidate (30 minutes)

Friday: Review assessment results with recruiter (30 minutes)

Tuesday of second week: Final round of on-site visits for job shadowing and executive-level interview(s), followed by dinner off site to get to know the candidate on a personal level (4-5 hours)

Thursday: Team review of findings and grading (1 hour)

Friday: Hiring decision and offer made (1 hour)

There you have it: two weeks from introduction to offer made. By making a little effort and clearing your schedule, you’ve set your firm apart from the hiring crowd and snapped up a winner before your competition even got through the stack of resumes on their desk. And you’ve made a great impression on an A-list candidate as a place where things get done.

Squeeze out the waste and everybody wins.