Slow Down to Speed Up

We’ve seen a rising trend where hiring companies are insisting that applicants take some kind of online aptitude and personality assessment prior to making a final decision. We think this is great news!

Why would a recruiter celebrate an additional step in the hiring process? And why would a company want to add another hurdle to an already lengthy series of events?

We hear from candidates all the time that such assessments are at best an inconvenience. Some go so far as to say, “If my experience doesn’t speak for itself, too bad. I’m not submitting to an online assessment at this point in my career.”

We have used assessments for years, for a very simple reason: they work. I personally have taken 8 to 10 of them over the years in my own career, and sometimes just as a trial to see how valid and reliable they are. In every instance they have absolutely nailed my own personality to a tee. So we are big believers in assessments as a tool to double-check the impressions gained in the interview and to ensure a great long-term fit.

And remember, a great long-term fit is what you want as a candidate also. Instead of viewing an assessment as an inconvenience or another hoop to jump through, view it as a tool to confirm that you’ll wind up in the position that’s right for you.

There are plenty of quality assessments available, including these:

Profiles International

The Predictive Index

Hire Success

… and there are many others. Use one if you’re a hiring manager. They’re not free, but doesn’t it make sense to spend $100-400 now to avoid a $60,000 mistake?

And if you’re a candidate, be patient and work through it. In the long run it benefits everyone.

Yes, using an assessment adds a step to the process. But you just might find that slowing down a bit to get it right actually speeds up the process of finding a winner.