Outsource or Hire? A Guide for the Growing Business

You lead a small-but-growing firm, and you think you’re ready to bring a team member on board to generate leads and bring new business in the door.  Or are you? As recruiting professionals, we don’t want to talk ourselves out of new business, but sometimes a growing firm is just not ready yet for that first full-time sales hire.

Here are some things to consider in the hiring-versus-outsourcing equation:

Have a Track Record: A talented business development pro may be hesitant to take on the uncertainty of joining a new concern. Consider outsourcing your lead generation at first to get the machinery working and some business in the pipeline.

Testing, Testing: Outsourced lead generation is a great way to test your calling scripts and promotions. You can experiment to your heart’s content and know that the unsuccessful efforts aren’t affecting someone’s compensation.

To Market: Consider what if any marketing you have in place to keep those leads coming in.  The answer may be hiring for sales and outsourcing the marketing effort.

Training Day: Consider whether you, with all the hats a small business owner wears, have the time to properly train and onboard a new hire. If not, you’re setting that hire up for failure.  A thorough onboarding plan that sets specific expectations – and the timeline for each – is critical for keeping everyone on the same page.

Out of Commission: You might be tempted to go ahead and create that position with a compensation plan based on straight commission.  After all, that way it only costs you money if you’re making money, right? Think again. Straight-commission compensation will scare away many of the most qualified candidates in the hiring pool. An A-player on a base salary is a bigger win for you than a C-player on straight commission.

Are You Ready?  When you can:

  • Invest in 6 to 9 months of base pay
  • Make the proper time investment in training
  • Hand off a steady stream of warm leads

… you’re ready for your first sales hire.