You Made a Great Hire — Now What?

Congratulations. You’ve found the perfect candidate for that sales role. With all the time and effort you put into defining the responsibilities, screening, interviewing and finally hiring, you probably feel like all the important work is behind you. But the really vital part lies just ahead: the on-boarding process for your new hire is where you really make sure this is the big win you expect it to be.

If you’re ready to extend an offer, or even if you’re just starting the search, consider these steps: 

Bootcamp: Do you have a training program in place to span at least the first 30 days? This should be a sort of “bootcamp” to quickly ramp your new employee up on your products or services, culture, team and company “way” of doing business.

Your Company 101: Think like a college professor here and put together a training outline, or “syllabus,” for the first 30-60-90 days. Break it down: what training is required and who is responsible for giving it? Schedule training in 2-to-4-hour increments over those critical first 30 days.

First Impressions: Remember that just as you chose your new hire, they chose you, and in some way they’re wondering, “Are they ready for me?” So … are you? Is their desk set up, computer ready to go, HR paperwork prepared? Demonstrating here that you’ve thought things through is a great way to show how important your new employee is to you and your company.  Conversely, there’s no worse way to begin a relationship than having them show up and sit around while IT works on their computer for 3 days and the managers are too busy for training.

A little time spent in defining and scheduling what your new hire needs to know will pay big dividends over the long haul.