How Long Is Long Enough?

How long will it take to find the right hire?

That’s a question we hear all the time from clients, and as with most questions the answer depends on a number of variables.

But here’s a quick rule of thumb: it typically takes 30 to 60 days to locate, screen, fully vet, interview in person, assess and present a well-qualified candidate to a hiring manager. Another 20 to 30 days is not unusual for that candidate to navigate through the hiring company’s own processes to the point of a written offer and acceptance.

So 90 days or so from start to finish is typical for a sales or marketing role. And remember, that’s in addition to the time required to onboard, train and wind up with a productive employee. Things can certainly move more quickly, but it’s best to have realistic expectations and start searches early. Remember that there are a lot of frogs for your recruiting company to kiss before they start delivering candidates to you.

Keep in mind also that if a recruiting firm promises “three candidates in 72 hours,” you can draw your own conclusions about how thorough the vetting process will be. Most likely, they entered a few keywords and clicked a button in order to lob the first three resumes in your direction.

Take your time and plan ahead. You’re much more likely to get your next hire right the first time.