LinkedIn: Tell the Whole Story

A very brief but important tip for candidates regarding your LinkedIn profile:

If you want to look your best to a hiring firm – and you do – please take time to display your entire career within your LinkedIn profile.

Perhaps you feel some of your prior experience isn’t relevant to your current search, or that part of your history doesn’t reflect well on the current you. No matter: the average worker changes careers – not jobs, careers – multiple times in their life. Few people will judge you because your professional life isn’t one unbroken straight line.

When we see gaps in a career history, especially with more seasoned applicants, it feels lazy or sloppy at best, and at worst it can appear you have something to hide. It’s all coming out at some point in the interview process anyway, so you might as well show it all now and make a better first impression.

You don’t need ten bullet points for every position back to when you were the top seller of Girl Scout cookies, but do show the whole story, at least in broad strokes.