Keeping Small Promises

As a candidate, you’ve prepared for the interview, researched the hiring company … in short, you’ve done your homework to present your best face to a potential employer. But you may not have considered this: 

Each and every step in the hiring process is an opportunity for you to keep a promise … or to break a promise. And believe us, you’re being assessed to see which of those options you choose.

If you say you will call in promptly at 10:00 am, that you’ll send a revised resume by close of business today, or will take an online assessment over the weekend, make sure do you what you promised, and do it when you promised to.

Every interaction with a recruiter or hiring company should be viewed as a test of your ability not only to organize your time, but to live up to your word. It doesn’t matter what kind of position you’re seeking … no one wants an employee of any kind who promises but doesn’t deliver. If you can’t follow through on little things, what are the odds you’ll turn out to be reliable on larger matters?

So when you’re asked to initiate the Skype or Facetime interview at certain date and time, or given a deadline to supply additional information, take it for what it is: an opportunity to keep a promise.

Focus on passing these early tests. The greatest interview answers in the world won’t help much if you can’t live up to your word.