Hitting for the Cycle – 6 Traits to Look for in an Inside Sales Rep

Hitting for the cycle – a single, double, triple and home run by the same player in the same game – is one of the rarest feats in baseball, because it requires a diverse set of skills: contact, speed and power. An inside sales rep who can ‘hit for the cycle’ is equally rare, and we could argue that one of these is worth two average field representatives.

What does it mean to be a “full cycle” player in inside sales? We see a great deal of demand for this set of skills:

  • Can they make cold calls AND warm calls, and tee up appointments for themselves AND others?
  • Can they probe and ask qualifying questions to uncover need and sales pain?
  • Are they intelligent and articulate enough to speak the technical language of the person on the other end of the line?
  • Can they deliver an engaging online demo/webinar while sharing a screen with the prospect?
  • Can they handle questions and objections? In fact, do they look forward to them because they indicate real interest on the part of the prospect?
  • Can they set next steps and close the deal, steering a prospect away from the “I’ll think about it” stalling tactic?

This is an awful lot to ask of someone who has only their voice to do the job … no handshake, smile or personal grooming will help the inside rep who never meets the prospect. The full-cycle inside rep is a rare breed, and as such, will command outside-rep compensation. Be prepared to pay it, and with a smile, because this rep can touch more prospects and cover more virtual ground in a day than your outside reps can manage in a week of face-to-face meetings.

And who better to consider for a key outside role than someone who’s shown they can hit for the cycle from your office?