A Good Lead Gen Rep Is Hard to Find

It seems like a simple enough job description … make phone calls, knock on doors, generate leads. Why then is it so difficult to find qualified lead-generation reps? Here’s why: 

It’s in the genes: Most of us are wired to avoid rejection. The true hunter with a thick enough skin to dial 40 to 100 times daily are a rare breed.

Not only buyers are liars: Plenty of candidates will say they don’t mind lead-gen work, but they really do, or they will once they really try it. After they’ve had a few virtual doors slammed in their faces, they’ll look for something else – anything else – to keep themselves busy.

Feel the burn: Even for those with a knack for cold-calling, spending hours of each day talking to strangers is a tough game. The vast majority will start to burn out within 12 to 24 months.

Moving on up: Whether they burn out or not, good lead-gen reps will expect to be rewarded by moving up in the professional world. Chances are they’re looking for a full inside or outside sales role, and not a parallel move.

What to do? The best solution is to grow your own: hire young, aggressive people right out of school who are burning to succeed in the first real job. Train them, turn them loose … and be prepared to promote them in a year or two, so keep a pipeline of new ones ready.