Going Paperless? Not for an Interview

The business climate and the interviewing process have changed in many ways, from the trend toward more casual work attire to employment interviews via Skype or FaceTime. So how does all this affect you when you have an interview? Maybe not as much as you think. Here are some mistakes we see candidates making on a regular basis. 

You still need to dress professionally. Whether it’s a video or an in-person interview, don’t assume it’s a dress-down affair. Once you’re hired you can take advantage of a company’s casual dress code, but for an interview it’s always better to look more professional, not less.

Bring a copy. Yes, everything is emailed these days, and yes, the interviewer already has a copy of your resume. Bring a paper copy anyway. This will demonstrate that you’re prepared for any eventuality – or it might not come up at all. If it does, though, you’ll be happy you have it.

Take notes. Remember that an interview is a two-way communication where you’re learning about the company as they learn about you. The best way to demonstrate that you’re serious about the position is to ask thoughtful questions and take notes about the answers. A surprising number of candidates fail to do this, or even to have pen and paper with them. Have your questions written down ahead of time, with the understanding that new ones will come up as well.

It may all seem sort of old-school, but your interviewer may be an old-school type. Be prepared, and don’t be among the growing group of candidates who show up for an interview with nothing more than a smartphone.