Another option from Eagles View: The Fractional/Outsourced Vice President of Sales

Is your sales team under control? Are you a business owner also acting as VP Sales or Sales Manager at your company?

If you’re overwhelmed with trying to be the owner and visionary and the day-to-day Sales Manager, we can help.

Eagles View offers a fractional VP  model where we take on the pressure and workload of growing your sales organization. We can take ownership of the following:

  • Manage the daily and weekly activities of your sales team
  • Hire, train and onboard talent
  • Set metrics and expectations
  • Implement a real world, believable CRM forecast that the team will actually use
  • Run weekly meetings
  • Visit clients
  • Hold the team accountable

And we can do all of this in a part-time or interim capacity, saving you the expense of a full time hire. Or we can be the answer until a full timer is in place.

Our team leaders have 20++ years of sales leadership experience and have managed dozens of teams. We’ve seen it all. Let us run your sales team so you can run your business.