Employment Tips for Recent Grads

Is choosing a career after receiving your diploma intimidating? No matter what bachelor you’ve received, these three tips will help you get employed:

  1. Clean up your networking sites.Not all first impressions are in-person anymore; personal networking sites could entice or deter a prospective employer. So if your Facebook or Twitter doesn’t pass the “grandma” test, make some changes. Would your grandma disapprove of the statuses, posts, or photos on your page? If so, take them down. On LinkedIn, make sure your headshot is clean-cut and professional. A neutral background, a smile, and business attire work best.
  2.  Develop a top-notch resume.First, make sure your resume is one page and black-and-white. Towards the top of your resume, provide a full background of your education: where you went to school, what you majored in, your GPA, and what courses you excelled in. Next, carefully list your qualifications; nearly every qualification should begin with a strong verb, such as prepared, led, or managed. Example: “Managed proprietorship’s tasks, schedule, and clientele via Excel and SalesForce.” Then note your past jobs, service, and/or research. Listing your previous employers isn’t enough; explain what your duties were and how they pertain to business. Talk about how many customers you connected with. For instance, if you were a teacher, say you “Evaluated 20 pupils’ progress, providing productive feedback.” Numbers quantitatively prove your effectiveness and experience.
  3. Ace the interview.Prepare for your interview by researching background information on the company. Review the FAQ for interviews to etch out tentative answers. At the interview, look professional and groomed. Stand up straight when you meet your interviewer, look him/her in the eye, smile, and give a firm handshake. When you sit down, stay upright and lean slightly forward to seem engaged. Since you researched this company, ask the interviewer questions about it and your interviewer’s role in it. And when the interview is over, smile and give another firm handshake.

Pursuing a career and entering the real world is daunting, but these tips will make the transition smoother and more effective.