Controlling Your Schedule, Or Schedule Controlling You?

We all know that person: the co-worker or manager who is always late for meetings and holds everyone else up. Everyone’s waiting, this person rolls in and apologizes, time is wasted all around. Repeat. And you probably know people like this in your personal circles, also.

Are you that person? If so, it’s time to take control of your schedule. Read more

Point A to Point B

What can the London Underground teach you about sales management?

Many owners and sales leaders struggle to get their sales pipeline and forecasts in order. Many salespeople seem allergic to typing in the data you need, so getting an accurate picture can be like pulling molars.

What to do? Keep it simple and clean … like the London Underground map. Read more

Real-World Sales Forecasts

When you think of your company’s sales forecasting, what comes to mind: Facts of Life or Fantasy Island?

A chronic challenge for sales leaders and company owners is managing the pipeline in a way that allows for believable sales forecasts. Those forecasts might impact many other areas of operations, so it’s important to get them right. Read more

You Made a Great Hire — Now What?

Congratulations. You’ve found the perfect candidate for that sales role. With all the time and effort you put into defining the responsibilities, screening, interviewing and finally hiring, you probably feel like all the important work is behind you. But the really vital part lies just ahead: the on-boarding process for your new hire is where you really make sure this is the big win you expect it to be.

If you’re ready to extend an offer, or even if you’re just starting the search, consider these steps:  Read more

Should Your CFO Be Your Sales Manager?

As a business owner or sales team leader, you may look at your sales staff and see a collection of personalities: some stars, some average performers … and hopefully none who are below average. Some owners view their sales force as an investment, others as a cost drain. There’s a lot of emotion involved in managing a sales team – the thrill of landing a new account, the agony of losing one – and it can be difficult to set those emotions aside for a clear-headed evaluation of the team.

Here’s a different approach: consider putting on your CFO glasses and viewing your sales team as a group of small business owners. Read more