Why Paying Straight Commission is a Bad Idea

We know it’s tempting to offer straight commission, especially if you’re a small company and money is tight. The risk of this offer is that you either get highly qualified or desperate candidates. Not-straight commission is a shared risk with you and your candidate: one that you should take. Read more

How to Help Your Recruiter Do a Better Job For You

If you want to hire correctly, you need to be specific to your recruiter about what you want from a candidate. What do you like in a candidate? What don’t you like?  What does “great performance” from a candidate look like? What problems at your company does this candidate solve? Don’t hold back; the more details your recruiter has to work with, the better. If you want a list of specific criteria to be assessed, give the recruiter your score-card or work with him/her to make one. Read more

The Mistake of Making Assumptions

The interview with a prospective candidate went well. He was aggressive, so he must be able to cold call. His resume said he was proficient in Excel, so you don’t need to test him. He seemed like a good guy, so calling references isn’t necessary. And he’s probably clean, so you don’t have to run a background check. Right? Read more

Explaining What You Want to a Recruiter

Hiring a recruiter requires full disclosure of what you want in a candidate. But many hiring managers still skimp on what they’re looking for in an employee. Don’t kid yourself! Cover all your bases in the first discussion with your recruiter. Here they are: Read more

How to Hire Optimal Candidates

Every company wants to hire optimal candidates, yet many fall short. Don’t leave whether you hired an ideal prospect to chance; follow our simple and effective guidelines instead. Read more

How to Hire Your Twin

Business owners and sales managers are usually the best salespeople at a company. The problem with this is that business stagnates without other high-performers. So how do you hire the next you? Here are 3 suggestions: Read more

Your Guide For Giving Skype and FaceTime Interviews

Face-to-face online screenings are now possible with Skype and FaceTime. So before you sit down with a candidate, assess them outside the office. Read more

Become a Better Interviewer with This Question

So you’ve pictured a perfect candidate and listed what that entails. You may have even developed a scorecard to assess your interviewees. Now it’s time to become a better interviewer and establish prime candidates with just one question. Read more

Use the Question “Teach Me Something”

Sales and marketing professionals must excel at giving sales pitches, presenting material persuasively, and thinking on the fly. That’s why it’s necessary to test those skills in an interview. But how? Make your client teach you something. Read more

Testing Candidates With the Car Talk

Too many interview processes rely on being in a conference room or an office. Once someone is a real prospect, take them on a half-day ride along with one of your high performers. Here’s 3 ways that the “car talk” reveals your prospect’s character: Read more