Compensating Millennials

In the market for a recent college grad, or even someone who’s been in the workforce for just a year or two, as an addition to your sales force? You may be wondering how to structure a compensation plan that will be attractive to millennials and still make sense from the company side. Here are some thoughts:

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One in Twelve

Someone once said to us, “Only 1 in 12 salespeople has any business being in sales.”

At first glance, that’s a pretty cynical view of sales professionals. But how professional are most salespeople, really?

Think about all the salespeople you encounter in your life, and not just the ones in obvious selling situations: retail, food service, B2B encounters, cold callers, teams of sales rep/manager/sales engineer presenting in your conference room.

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A Good Lead Gen Rep Is Hard to Find

It seems like a simple enough job description … make phone calls, knock on doors, generate leads. Why then is it so difficult to find qualified lead-generation reps? Here’s why:  Read more

No More Bargain Hunting

So you’re in hiring mode, and ready to pull the trigger on bringing new sales talent on board. Now, the big question: how – and how much – should you compensate your new hire?

Many job descriptions will list a base pay range. For sales positions, most will add “plus commission,” or “pay commensurate with experience.” What’s the best way to proceed here?  Read more

You Made a Great Hire — Now What?

Congratulations. You’ve found the perfect candidate for that sales role. With all the time and effort you put into defining the responsibilities, screening, interviewing and finally hiring, you probably feel like all the important work is behind you. But the really vital part lies just ahead: the on-boarding process for your new hire is where you really make sure this is the big win you expect it to be.

If you’re ready to extend an offer, or even if you’re just starting the search, consider these steps:  Read more

Hunters and Farmers: Hiring for the Right Sales Role

“I need a salesperson,” you say. That’s fine, but too often we find business owners looking for sales help without giving adequate thought to the exact role that person will fill. In sales, one size definitely does not fit all … there are different types of sales duties within a company, and each has its own set of competencies. So before you hire, carefully consider your needs.  Here’s a brief guide:  Read more

Should Your CFO Be Your Sales Manager?

As a business owner or sales team leader, you may look at your sales staff and see a collection of personalities: some stars, some average performers … and hopefully none who are below average. Some owners view their sales force as an investment, others as a cost drain. There’s a lot of emotion involved in managing a sales team – the thrill of landing a new account, the agony of losing one – and it can be difficult to set those emotions aside for a clear-headed evaluation of the team.

Here’s a different approach: consider putting on your CFO glasses and viewing your sales team as a group of small business owners. Read more

This Resume Has 120 Seconds to Live

You’re a hiring manager, and like many of us you’re pressed for time. So it’s understandable that sometimes a resume gets only a 30-second glance right before the candidate walks in. It’s understandable, but it’s not good … just a little more time spent in preparation can make a world of difference towards your goal of making the right hire.  Block out two to three minutes and look for the following:  Read more

A Two-Way Street: You’re Being Interviewed Also

So much is written about preparing for an interview from the candidate side … how to dress, what to do and not do. After all, the hiring manager has the upper hand in any interview situation, right? Good candidates, however, are often considering more than one opportunity. Just as you’ll expect a potential hire to put his or her best foot forward, you and your company need to do the same. Here are some tips for making a great first impression:  Read more

Outsource or Hire? A Guide for the Growing Business

You lead a small-but-growing firm, and you think you’re ready to bring a team member on board to generate leads and bring new business in the door.  Or are you? As recruiting professionals, we don’t want to talk ourselves out of new business, but sometimes a growing firm is just not ready yet for that first full-time sales hire.

Here are some things to consider in the hiring-versus-outsourcing equation: Read more