Warming Up Over a Cold One

Both candidates and hiring managers tend to be on their best behavior during an interview. Most people walk in and present the very best version of themselves. Across the table, the interviewer presents the very best version of the hiring firm. And that can make it difficult to really get to know each other, even in the second or third round of the interview process.

So once all of the details like background, skill set and compensation are reviewed, how do you really make sure you have a good fit in both directions? Read more

The Waiting Game

As the end of 2016 comes into view, you begin to make decisions about what needs to be accomplished before the holidays and what can be put off until after the first of the year. And if you’re in the market for sales help, the temptation is often to delay those key hiring needs, sliding them into next year’s budget and beginning your search on January 2nd.

Here’s why you might want to reconsider that idea: Read more

Spreading Happiness … or Something Else?

Think for a moment about which person at your company holds the most power. The CEO? The President? The top salesperson? Nope. Read more

On the Home Front

We still hear from owners concerned about letting sales personnel work from a home office. Will they goof off, or just have too many distractions to be as productive as they would be in the workplace? When is it a good idea? Read more

One Big, Juicy Interview Question

When you’re looking to add a sales professional to your team, you can expect a certain amount of smoke and mirrors. After all, these are candidates who presumably make a living selling, so they’re skilled in putting the best face on things … including their own track records. How do you separate the real sales pros from the “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” set? Is there one question that will tell you most of what you need to know as a hiring manager? Yes, there is. Read more

Back in the Game

You’re hiring, and one of the resumes you’ve received looks like a perfect fit except for one thing: it’s someone who owns their own business, or has in the past. Many hiring managers are hesitant to bring a former entrepreneur on board … should you be? Read more

Point A to Point B

What can the London Underground teach you about sales management?

Many owners and sales leaders struggle to get their sales pipeline and forecasts in order. Many salespeople seem allergic to typing in the data you need, so getting an accurate picture can be like pulling molars.

What to do? Keep it simple and clean … like the London Underground map. Read more

The Shelf Life of a Candidate

Bringing on a new hire is a big decision, and your natural tendency will be to take your time and get it right. You’ll have multiple steps in the recruiting and hiring process – that’s why you engage a professional recruiting firm, right? But beware of having so many obstacles, or such a long window of time for your hiring process, that you run the risk of losing good candidates.  Read more

4 Types of Salespeople to Watch Out For

A few weeks ago, Eagles View posted an article about how only 1 in 12 salespeople actually belongs in sales. This got us thinking about the different types of salespeople we’ve encountered. Almost every one of them has fallen into at least one of these categories at one point along the way. Read more

Real-World Sales Forecasts

When you think of your company’s sales forecasting, what comes to mind: Facts of Life or Fantasy Island?

A chronic challenge for sales leaders and company owners is managing the pipeline in a way that allows for believable sales forecasts. Those forecasts might impact many other areas of operations, so it’s important to get them right. Read more