Hitting for the Cycle – 6 Traits to Look for in an Inside Sales Rep

Hitting for the cycle – a single, double, triple and home run by the same player in the same game – is one of the rarest feats in baseball, because it requires a diverse set of skills: contact, speed and power. An inside sales rep who can ‘hit for the cycle’ is equally rare, and we could argue that one of these is worth two average field representatives.

What does it mean to be a “full cycle” player in inside sales? Read more

Door to Door

In a recent post, we discussed asking younger sales candidates to turn back the clock and look at accomplishments early in their lives (read it here). Let’s zero in on that even more: Read more

Paying Your Own Way

One of the best indicators for motivation and drive within a new sales hire that we have seen is — did they pay their own way through college (or at least contribute some portion toward the bill)? Read more

Turn Back the Clock

As you look to hire sales talent still early in their career, you may be inclined to focus only on the future in your interview sessions. After all, your candidates won’t have much of a track record to point to, so it’s tempting to explore only what they think they might be able to accomplish. Read more

One Big, Juicy Interview Question

When you’re looking to add a sales professional to your team, you can expect a certain amount of smoke and mirrors. After all, these are candidates who presumably make a living selling, so they’re skilled in putting the best face on things … including their own track records. How do you separate the real sales pros from the “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” set? Is there one question that will tell you most of what you need to know as a hiring manager? Yes, there is. Read more

Back in the Game

You’re hiring, and one of the resumes you’ve received looks like a perfect fit except for one thing: it’s someone who owns their own business, or has in the past. Many hiring managers are hesitant to bring a former entrepreneur on board … should you be? Read more

The Shelf Life of a Candidate

Bringing on a new hire is a big decision, and your natural tendency will be to take your time and get it right. You’ll have multiple steps in the recruiting and hiring process – that’s why you engage a professional recruiting firm, right? But beware of having so many obstacles, or such a long window of time for your hiring process, that you run the risk of losing good candidates.  Read more

This Resume Has 120 Seconds to Live

You’re a hiring manager, and like many of us you’re pressed for time. So it’s understandable that sometimes a resume gets only a 30-second glance right before the candidate walks in. It’s understandable, but it’s not good … just a little more time spent in preparation can make a world of difference towards your goal of making the right hire.  Block out two to three minutes and look for the following:  Read more

A Two-Way Street: You’re Being Interviewed Also

So much is written about preparing for an interview from the candidate side … how to dress, what to do and not do. After all, the hiring manager has the upper hand in any interview situation, right? Good candidates, however, are often considering more than one opportunity. Just as you’ll expect a potential hire to put his or her best foot forward, you and your company need to do the same. Here are some tips for making a great first impression:  Read more

Your Guide For Giving Skype and FaceTime Interviews

Face-to-face online screenings are now possible with Skype and FaceTime. So before you sit down with a candidate, assess them outside the office. Read more