Hitting for the Cycle – 6 Traits to Look for in an Inside Sales Rep

Hitting for the cycle – a single, double, triple and home run by the same player in the same game – is one of the rarest feats in baseball, because it requires a diverse set of skills: contact, speed and power. An inside sales rep who can ‘hit for the cycle’ is equally rare, and we could argue that one of these is worth two average field representatives.

What does it mean to be a “full cycle” player in inside sales? Read more

Door to Door

In a recent post, we discussed asking younger sales candidates to turn back the clock and look at accomplishments early in their lives (read it here). Let’s zero in on that even more: Read more

Paying Your Own Way

One of the best indicators for motivation and drive within a new sales hire that we have seen is — did they pay their own way through college (or at least contribute some portion toward the bill)? Read more

Turn Back the Clock

As you look to hire sales talent still early in their career, you may be inclined to focus only on the future in your interview sessions. After all, your candidates won’t have much of a track record to point to, so it’s tempting to explore only what they think they might be able to accomplish. Read more

Squeezed for Talent? Squeeze Your Time Frame

Good news: the economy has improved and jobless rates are down. Bad news: the pool of available top talent is smaller and great candidates are snapped up quickly (more detail in this article from Entrepreneur).

So what can you as a hiring manager do to find and sign the best hires? Read more

No More Pencils, No More Books

They’re questions we hear all the time: Where can I find my next great sales hire? What industries transfer best to mine? The answer might surprise you. Read more

Slow Down to Speed Up

We’ve seen a rising trend where hiring companies are insisting that applicants take some kind of online aptitude and personality assessment prior to making a final decision. We think this is great news!

Why would a recruiter celebrate an additional step in the hiring process? And why would a company want to add another hurdle to an already lengthy series of events? Read more

How Long Is Long Enough?

How long will it take to find the right hire?

That’s a question we hear all the time from clients, and as with most questions the answer depends on a number of variables. Read more

Warming Up Over a Cold One

Both candidates and hiring managers tend to be on their best behavior during an interview. Most people walk in and present the very best version of themselves. Across the table, the interviewer presents the very best version of the hiring firm. And that can make it difficult to really get to know each other, even in the second or third round of the interview process.

So once all of the details like background, skill set and compensation are reviewed, how do you really make sure you have a good fit in both directions? Read more

The Waiting Game

As the end of 2016 comes into view, you begin to make decisions about what needs to be accomplished before the holidays and what can be put off until after the first of the year. And if you’re in the market for sales help, the temptation is often to delay those key hiring needs, sliding them into next year’s budget and beginning your search on January 2nd.

Here’s why you might want to reconsider that idea: Read more