You Need to Be Present

Has anyone ever told you that s/he is a good multi-tasker? It’s a lie. Our brains can only focus on one task at once, so “multi-tasking” is actually switching between tasks quickly. That’s exhausting. Give someone or something your full attention to be more effective and energy efficient. Read more

Learning from Competing with Yourself

Is being competitive with yourself important to you? It should be. To get ahead in business, especially in sales and marketing, persistently strive for self-improvement. You have the power to trigger your own success by competing against yourself. Read more

3 Methods for Effectively Working a Room

So you’re at your first networking event or want to be a better networker. Whether you are shy or outgoing, here are cogent ways to initiate conversation and get to know people who may be able to help you. Read more

3 Strategies to Improve your Writing

Ready to improve your resume and cover letter? Prepared to get attention from blog entries and freelance writing? Want to be a better writer for your career?  Then here are three strategies for sharpening your writing skills. Read more

How to Capitalize on Technology

There’s a new way to have value in the workforce: by showing seasoned professionals how to use technology. Millennials use the internet, apps, and social networking sites as if they’re second-nature; take advantage of that. Here’s how you master what you’re already good at and show it to employers: Read more