White Space

Remember when you were just starting out and struggled to fill a whole page as you wrote your first resume? Now, with some years – or decades – under your professional belt, you might have the opposite problem. When you’re well into your career, you might be tempted to expand your resume to include every last fact, figure and buzzword, bloating it to two or more pages. Resist that temptation. Here’s why. Read more

Job Rabbits

We live in a world where most of us will have 3 to 5 careers (not jobs, careers) in our lifetimes. A disturbing side effect of that trend is the number of candidates we see who’ve had a half dozen different positions by their mid-20s. This kind of job hopping will catch up with you and harm your career. Why? Read more

That Next Sales Job? It’s In the Details

You’re a salesperson, or you’d like to be. And you know you can sell yourself to any hiring manager if only you can get past the resume stage. So what makes a great sales resume? Read more

Employment Tips for Recent Grads

Is choosing a career after receiving your diploma intimidating? No matter what bachelor you’ve received, these three tips will help you get employed: Read more

How to Use Technology to Boost Your Resume

The worst thing you can do on a resume is to exaggerate your skills.  Your CV may be your space to brag, but do not get cocky. If you lie about the extent of a qualification, you’ll get exposed quickly. Realize whether this language in your resume will betray you, then change it. Read more

3 Strategies to Improve your Writing

Ready to improve your resume and cover letter? Prepared to get attention from blog entries and freelance writing? Want to be a better writer for your career?  Then here are three strategies for sharpening your writing skills. Read more

How Entrepreneurship Enhances Your Resume

Entrepreneurship has become more prevalent than ever. If you’ve ever been a freelancer, tutor, start-up founder, or a bonafide business owner, you are (or were) considered an entrepreneur. So is this an advantage or a disadvantage when applying for a sales job? We think it’s an advantage. Here’s why: Read more

How to Capitalize on Technology

There’s a new way to have value in the workforce: by showing seasoned professionals how to use technology. Millennials use the internet, apps, and social networking sites as if they’re second-nature; take advantage of that. Here’s how you master what you’re already good at and show it to employers: Read more