How to Determine What Drives You

Let’s say that you’re in an interview. You know that motivation, be it inherent or fostered, implies that you’ll be an effective employee. You’re aware that companies will test whether you have incentive to execute tasks thoroughly and punctually.  You’ve discussed your competitiveness and displayed your natural drive. Now you’re asked this question: “Why and how are you so driven?” Do you have an answer? Read more

Candidates: Don’t Make Assumptions

An interview is impending. You researched the company and know how you’ll answer the typical questions asked. Your references are in order. Most people think that’s enough preparation, but it’s not. Here are 4 common assumptions that you should avoid: Read more

You Need to Be Present

Has anyone ever told you that s/he is a good multi-tasker? It’s a lie. Our brains can only focus on one task at once, so “multi-tasking” is actually switching between tasks quickly. That’s exhausting. Give someone or something your full attention to be more effective and energy efficient. Read more

Learning from Competing with Yourself

Is being competitive with yourself important to you? It should be. To get ahead in business, especially in sales and marketing, persistently strive for self-improvement. You have the power to trigger your own success by competing against yourself. Read more

The Danger of Dabbling in Jobs

Millennials underestimate the value of staying on a career trajectory. Bouncing around jobs to get better pay or to fit your lifestyle may seem appealing, but it will hinder future pursuits. Don’t fall prey to this mentality; stick with one job for at least 2 years. Here’s why and how: Read more

3 Methods for Effectively Working a Room

So you’re at your first networking event or want to be a better networker. Whether you are shy or outgoing, here are cogent ways to initiate conversation and get to know people who may be able to help you. Read more

How Entrepreneurship Enhances Your Resume

Entrepreneurship has become more prevalent than ever. If you’ve ever been a freelancer, tutor, start-up founder, or a bonafide business owner, you are (or were) considered an entrepreneur. So is this an advantage or a disadvantage when applying for a sales job? We think it’s an advantage. Here’s why: Read more

6 LinkedIn Profile Tips from Top Recruiters

LinkedIn has become a cornucopia of candidates for recruiters. And they’re all looking for similar criteria. Here are 6 ways for you to appear in recruiters’ searches and get their attention: Read more