What Company Is Interviewing Me?

“What’s the company name?”

This question inevitably comes up in the first few email exchanges between recruiter and candidate, or within the first moments of a phone call. Understand that a recruiter may not be able to tell you the hiring company’s name right up front.

Why not? Read more

Keeping Small Promises

As a candidate, you’ve prepared for the interview, researched the hiring company … in short, you’ve done your homework to present your best face to a potential employer. But you may not have considered this:  Read more

None of Your Business? Revealing Your Salary History

We’ve heard a lot of buzz lately on the topic of whether to reveal your pay history – current pay or past – to a hiring manager or recruiter. The main concern is that revealing a pay rate that’s too low will encourage the new firm to make a lowball offer and thus perpetuate your being underpaid. This is a hot button especially for female candidates concerned about the gender gap in compensation.

So when the new company asks what you earn now, should you reveal it? Read more

Lights, Camera, You – Preparing for a Skype or FaceTime Interview

We’ve covered this topic before (see the original here), but it bears both repeating and updating, because we see a lot of candidates still getting it wrong when they’re interviewed via Skype or FaceTime. Some tips to best present yourself in a video environment:  Read more

“Tell Me About Your Last Role”

When you’re seeking a new sales opportunity, you can expect nearly every interviewer you encounter to offer up some form of, “Tell me about your last role (or last few roles).” Here’s how to turn that opening into your moment to shine:  Read more

Going Paperless? Not for an Interview

The business climate and the interviewing process have changed in many ways, from the trend toward more casual work attire to employment interviews via Skype or FaceTime. So how does all this affect you when you have an interview? Maybe not as much as you think. Here are some mistakes we see candidates making on a regular basis.  Read more

Interviewing 101: Do Your Homework

We’re always impressed with candidates who clearly have done some research on a company even before their first interview with us. The idea of researching a company before an interview is not new, but somehow many candidates still fall short here. Browsing a company’s website on your phone in the parking lot ten minutes before your interview is not enough; you should be prepared with specifics, and it’s easier than ever to do. Here are a few tips.  Read more

Ready for Your Close-Up? Interviewing via Skype or FaceTime

Initial interviews have long been conducted by phone, but more and more often this first contact now involves a video chat via Skype or FaceTime.  This helps the interviewer to get a better sense of you as a candidate – and vice versa – but there are some pitfalls.  Here are some tips to help you make just as good a first impression via video as you do in person. Read more

How to Ensure You’re Reliable

So you scheduled an interview. You want to communicate that you’re reliable, but you don’t know how. Here’s the secret: Read more

Interviewing After College: Part II

Interviewing Tips

Mentioning anything you’ve turned around or improved on campus will show that you can lead and envision solutions to challenges. Now that you’ve established the markers of your best traits in Part I, ask yourself how you can frame this premise into a problem-solving story. Read more