In Your Corner: The Recruiter Is Your Advocate

When a recruiter approaches you online or by phone about an opening, you have at least two choices: you can ask what the salary is for that position and then shut the recruiter down if the answer doesn’t check the right box. Read more

Is Your Manager Messing With Your Comp Plan?

As a sales professional, you’re expected to deliver results with consistency, and when you do that it’s fair to expect that same consistency in your compensation. When was the last time the details of your comp plan were changed? Does it happen every year, with wild variations? More often than every year?

How do you assess your own value to the company to better insulate yourself from capricious changes from management? Consider this approach: Read more

The Danger of Dabbling in Jobs

Millennials underestimate the value of staying on a career trajectory. Bouncing around jobs to get better pay or to fit your lifestyle may seem appealing, but it will hinder future pursuits. Don’t fall prey to this mentality; stick with one job for at least 2 years. Here’s why and how: Read more