How to Capitalize on Technology

There’s a new way to have value in the workforce: by showing seasoned professionals how to use technology. Millennials use the internet, apps, and social networking sites as if they’re second-nature; take advantage of that. Here’s how you master what you’re already good at and show it to employers:

Understand how Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can drive traffic to a company.

Companies have recently been compromised when they don’t have presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. On Facebook, if you try to list a non-registered company, you’ll get a “Your answer was invalid.  Try again” notification. That means you can’t claim you work for an employer that doesn’t have a Facebook page. Communicate this to your boss and say that you can maintain this page, or start an account it if need be. To get an organization on Facebook, put ‘create page’ in the search bar and pick “company, organization, or institution” in the results. Then, choose what kind of business you are. The explanation of your business determines your ‘rank’ in organization searches via Facebook.

For Twitter, only start posting if you’ve completed your account. The account and profile are where you represent the business by explaining its trade and values. The profile picture should be company’s logo, the account name should the organization’s name, and the background photo should be relevant to the business. (Upload an image for the background by clicking ‘Design’ within the page.) A company’s page should also have a link to their website, their blog, and state where their headquarters are. Then, after your page is completed, start following the right people: your customers, business partners, vendors, suppliers, competitors, businesses in your neighborhood, and people in your professional network. Now you can use witty hashtags and your 140-character limit to share links and updates with your followers; these posts will be sent as messages to them. Guiding followers back to your site, blog, and offers are key.

The social networking site that businesses are most familiar with is LinkedIn. So stand out by familiarizing yourself with the paid-upgrades it offers and how LinkedIn Recruiting works. After this, know the function of the ‘job’ tab for candidates. If you’re working for a recruiting firm, you can wear a ‘job-seeker’ hat and search for what local jobs are available. Communicate that most 20-somethings have used LinkedIn to look for a job. And make sure your own page is catering to recruiters.*

Demonstrate your value to employers by displaying your in-depth knowledge and experience with the most popular networking sites. This will give you an advantage over older competition and your own generation.