Job Rabbits

We live in a world where most of us will have 3 to 5 careers (not jobs, careers) in our lifetimes. A disturbing side effect of that trend is the number of candidates we see who’ve had a half dozen different positions by their mid-20s. This kind of job hopping will catch up with you and harm your career. Why? Read more

What Company Is Interviewing Me?

“What’s the company name?”

This question inevitably comes up in the first few email exchanges between recruiter and candidate, or within the first moments of a phone call. Understand that a recruiter may not be able to tell you the hiring company’s name right up front.

Why not? Read more

That Next Sales Job? It’s In the Details

You’re a salesperson, or you’d like to be. And you know you can sell yourself to any hiring manager if only you can get past the resume stage. So what makes a great sales resume? Read more

Squeezed for Talent? Squeeze Your Time Frame

Good news: the economy has improved and jobless rates are down. Bad news: the pool of available top talent is smaller and great candidates are snapped up quickly (more detail in this article from Entrepreneur).

So what can you as a hiring manager do to find and sign the best hires? Read more

In Your Corner: The Recruiter Is Your Advocate

When a recruiter approaches you online or by phone about an opening, you have at least two choices: you can ask what the salary is for that position and then shut the recruiter down if the answer doesn’t check the right box. Read more

Controlling Your Schedule, Or Schedule Controlling You?

We all know that person: the co-worker or manager who is always late for meetings and holds everyone else up. Everyone’s waiting, this person rolls in and apologizes, time is wasted all around. Repeat. And you probably know people like this in your personal circles, also.

Are you that person? If so, it’s time to take control of your schedule. Read more

No More Pencils, No More Books

They’re questions we hear all the time: Where can I find my next great sales hire? What industries transfer best to mine? The answer might surprise you. Read more

Keeping Small Promises

As a candidate, you’ve prepared for the interview, researched the hiring company … in short, you’ve done your homework to present your best face to a potential employer. But you may not have considered this:  Read more

LinkedIn: Tell the Whole Story

A very brief but important tip for candidates regarding your LinkedIn profile: Read more

Slow Down to Speed Up

We’ve seen a rising trend where hiring companies are insisting that applicants take some kind of online aptitude and personality assessment prior to making a final decision. We think this is great news!

Why would a recruiter celebrate an additional step in the hiring process? And why would a company want to add another hurdle to an already lengthy series of events? Read more