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Q: Where does Eagles View find talent?

A: We typically work with passive candidates, meaning people who are already doing well in their career but are open to a better idea. We also find sales and marketing professionals who are in between jobs. Our sources include professional job boards, networking, and our own library of talent.

Q: How is your talent vetted?

A: We use a specific process that includes rigorous interviews, assessments, and more.

Q: How do I engage with Eagles View as a hiring manager?

A: Our first step is a low-key, fact-finding phone conversation. We’ll have a few questions about your hiring needs, we ask for a job description and we make certain that we understand your goals and metrics for the position. We ask for a small down payment to begin work. Give us a call to get started – 443.519.7826.

Q: What makes Eagles View different from other recruiting firms?

A: Everyone on our recruiting team has worked in one or more of the positions they are working to fulfill. We are sales professionals who are screening and evaluating sales professionals. We meet face to face with every one of our candidates because we know that each candidate we send you reflects on our company brand. We take that seriously.

Q: Can Eagles View handle a national talent search?

A: While our focus is on the Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia areas, our reach extends nationwide, and we have placed candidates for firms across the country.

Q: How does Eagles View help candidates?

A: We have an inside track to more than 50 companies that have used Eagles View as their VP of Sales.  We are more than a recruiter to many of our clients; we are a trusted advisor. We also provide candidates with real-time or real-world feedback after their interview sessions so they are better interviewees going forward.

Q: What if an employee doesn’t stick?

A: We stand behind every placement with a one-time, 60 day guarantee.