How to Help Your Recruiter Do a Better Job

There are many reasons why you may need recruiting assistance: you’re tired of the recruiting game, you’re too busy, you’re not sure what a “great” candidate looks like, or your sales hires just don’t seem to work out. This is where we come in.

Our three best candidates are only sent to you after they’re screened through our detailed hiring process. These candidates are already succeeding at their current job, have impressed our real-world sales managers, and have been vetted by our team. They’re a reflection of our brand, not nameless applicants, and we take their performance at your office very seriously. Here’s what we do.

Our Process:

  • Screening interview: Our sales recruitment specialist calls the candidates to evaluate their professionalism, aptitudes, and fit within your company’s open position
  • Assessments: Online assessments are administered to test the candidate’s intelligence, personality, and drive. Assessments are tailored to the position, and you may specify your own criteria as well
  • Interview: Each candidate is carefully interviewed and vetted.
  • White board exercise: Candidates are asked to stand at a white board and give us a presentation during any in-person interview
  • Reference check: Each reference cited by candidates will be examined and questioned in depth
  • Interview with client: Your opportunity to put the candidate through your process

Another option – Have too many resumes?

If you are swamped with resumes and have no time to screen them, we can help. We now offer a Sourcing as a Service, where you provide the resumes, we screen and vet people using our process, and we send you only the winners. This gets that stack of resumes off of your desk, and we are able to offer a discounted rate compared to our usual full-cycle recruiting efforts. Contact us to talk about this option.