3 Reasons Why You Should Decline Counter Offers

Managers may have a counter offer when you want to switch jobs and give your two weeks notice. Don’t fall for it!  Here’s why you should avoid temptation:

 1.  Your core reasons for leaving this company haven’t changed.

Think hard about why you went job hunting again. You likely had a conviction about why making the switch was necessary.

 2.  It shouldn’t have taken this long to be acknowledged and rewarded

Why is this company only offering you a company car or a promotion now? You would have been rewarded earlier if this counter offer was genuine. Consider this move by the company desperate and near-sighted.

 3.  They’re actively looking for your replacement

Your manager probably considers you disloyal since you want to leave. So why would the company keep you on staff for long? A counter offer is a mere stop-gap measure until s/he finds your replacement.

 Once you’ve decided to leave a company, leave. It’s the right decision and will serve you well in the long-term.